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Over 12+ years



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Miami Beach

  • Up to 3 Passengers
  • Hourly
  • Lake Jet Skis / PWC
  • 125HP
  • 50 ft
  • Lake Captains Available
  • Watersports Available

Vessel Amenities

Overnight Rental Available
Local Map Onboard
Bimini Canopy Top
Swimming Ladder
Usable Tow Bar

Rental Rules

Watersports allowed: Yes
Pets allowed: Yes
Fuel covered: Yes
Captain Required: Yes


Weather Policy : 100% Refund

Note : check Weather Policy

Pet Policy

Note : Praesent imperdiet quam ac est rutrum, in condimentum eros euismod. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nulla a nibh sit amet purus rutrum porttitor. Sed massa nisl, tincidunt a venenatis eu, scelerisque vitae odio.

Allow Pets : Yes

Pet Weight : 30.00 lbs

Number of Pets : 2

Special Policy

Note : Test Demo Policy

Late Return Policy

Allow : Yes

Late Return Policy Charges : $30.00 / 30.00 min

Note : Maecenas iaculis, sapien id elementum fermentum, lacus tortor tempor mauris, vitae aliquam mi turpis et quam. Donec tellus nisi, condimentum sit amet rhoncus fermentum, rutrum in purus. Maecenas auctor ultrices justo, eget faucibus justo sodales id. Aliquam nec volutpat lectus, id lacinia elit.

Captain Policy

Note : Captain Policy as per the operation is described above along with the charges.

Captains available upon request : Yes

Available Captain : 3

Hourly Charge : 1.00

Am Charge : 4.00

Pm Charge : 4.00

Full day Charge : 8.00

Fuel Policy

$100 charge placed on renters card. This is non-refundable, if a users goes over they are not charged more, and if they do not hit the $100 limit they are not refunded.

Watersports Policy

Allow : Yes

Note : Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Cras nulla diam, tristique quis viverra sit amet, blandit et arcu.

Extra Charge : $10.00

Age Requirement Policy

Note : Fusce quis eros ut magna dignissim condimentum ac nec velit. Nullam in risus iaculis, eleifend quam nec, convallis erat. Etiam quis commodo nulla.

With license : 24 years or older

Without license : 25 years or older

Paddle sports : 11 years or older

Life Vest Policy

XXXL : 10.00

XXL : 10.00

XL : 10.00

Large : 5.00

Medium : 5.00

Small : 5.00

Child : 5.00

Toddler : 5.00

Infant : 5.00

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

1 Passenger


1 Vessel


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